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Hard work is fine, but strokes of genius get the corner office. If you’re ready to go Special Ops on your future, we’ve worked up a sure fire plan for you.

Personal Power Points

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You’ve got issues. In the next few seconds our analysts will hone in on the problem of our choice and present an action plan.

  • First Date
  • The Pick-up
  • Breaking Up
  • Dating Site Profile
  • Introducing a 3rd
  • Opening the Relationship
  •  First Date
  •  The Pick-up
  •  Breaking Up
  •  Dating Site Profile
  •  Introducing a 3rd
  •  Opening the Relationship


You've got issues. In the next few seconds, our analysts will hone in on the problem and present an Action Plan.

  • New Job
  • Getting a Raise
  • Quitting
  • Firing Someone
  • Taking Credit
  • Billable Hours
  •  New Job
  •  Getting a Raise
  •  Quitting
  •  Firing Someone
  •  Taking Credit
  •  Billable Hours


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